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Skandico Big Set of Blocks | Rainbow or Pastel

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Vibrantly coloured yet letting the natural wood grain shine through, smoothly sanded with soft rounded corners but perfectly grippy for proper stacking, these blocks are everything you could wish for in a block set.

Starting out with few basic shapes will encourage younger children to explore building, stacking and much more without being overwhelmed, intimidated or frustrated. It will also be the ideal blank canvas to nurture creative thinking and imaginative play as the child will use the blocks as a bush, a wall, a hay stack, an ice-cream cone, and what not.

  • Available in Rainbow or Pastel colours
  • 36 cube blocks measuring 4 cm
  • Wooden storage box
  • Handmade in Russia from local lime wood, finished with German eco-friendly child-safe colours

SAFETY: 3 years and up. Always supervise play and check toys prior each play session.


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