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What we stand for

One toy = endless play

At Endless Play, we strive to ignite the human spirit through play and nurture the innate passion that brings together children - of all ages.

We believe one right resource will inspire hours of endless, incredibly rich, independent play from the youngest age.

We believe that lovingly, thoughtfully, nurturing the innate spark of passion that light up our babies' eyes till their very first breath can equip them with the resourcefulness needed for a lifetime of curiosity, learning, growth and fun in everything they do.

Play is serious business at every age, as all the research and literature will show - it very much keeps us alive and makes life worth living. With the right environment and guidance, kids of all ages will know how to play through life and create their own luck.


How do we stand for that, you ask?

Our toys are open-ended Montessori and Waldorf-Steiner inspired resources for active learners
Our toys make for an inquisitive, imaginative, resourceful child. One deceivingly simple toy can replace many more, and grow with the child for years from a very young age.
Children have it all in them since birth - like a flower, all they need to grow and thrive is freedom, in the right supportive environment, and selected opportunities, that empower them to grow, discover, experience, imagine, reinvent. Quality open-ended toys are just that - boundless opportunities, brought to life by the child.

Our toys are heirloom quality
A lot of damage has been done - to the planet, to people, to our babies - with cheap plastic gadgets. Most of our toys borderline work of art but most importantly have been designed and created by geniuses master creators in the respect of resources and people. We believe that's essential to learn to appreciate and respect the value of things and their creation, as well as an opportunity to gift family heirlooms to be passed down to the next generation.

Our toys are all-time favourites
Ain't no duds here and you are no ginea pigs. Months, heck years of research have gone into our handpicked selection to ensure we offer the cream of the crop of crowd-pleasers and no less, simple.


Passion is something that we cherish in our family

Our little French-Australian family, Valentin, Celine and little Noah (our Head of Strategy), is committed to mindfully source the best quality, sustainable open-ended toys, beautiful inside and out, and make them available to everyone with the utmost care and outstanding service

Celine has always loved to create things - anything - from carving dogs out of a wood block as a kid to jewellery making and leather work in a French saddlery; it doesn't have to be material either - Valentin has a passion for creating anything digital and web-based

Just grab that spark, have fun,  and make it happen, form something with your bare hands, heart and soul; forget time, pain even - everything, as you are fully absorbed into it; look back and you can't quite believe what you've made

Some call it the 'flow' - and that's where the magic happens

The world, maybe more than ever, needs passionate people having quality play


Never Stop Playing


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