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We are a Collective for a reason

If we were on our own, we simply wouldn't exist, and we certainly wouldn't have the opportunity to become great - what we're continuously working towards, with all valuable learnings along the way.

Here's a sincere thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all the poeple who have been and will be contributing to writing this story with us.

Our families, parents, sister and more extended, no matter the kilometers and time zones between us, you have always been standing by us and showered us with your love and unconditional support and we are so very grateful for that. On one hand, it's with a very heavy heart that we celebrate our soft launch on the 8th of August; that was my due date last year and the date this year you should have all met and celebrated the first birthday of our baby boy - even though he was actually born on the 12th lol! COVID has decided otherwise, but we are lucky enough that we are all well and safe for now.

Our friends, male and female of all ages, in whichever country, single, couple or mum themselves - again we're so blessed for the beautiful support we've received. Just to name a few and without any particular order, virtual wink to Anna, Nina, Johnny, Grace, Emily, Raquel, Nicole, Candice, Fyli, Peta, Ciara, Sara, Louise, ...

Thanks to all our very kind and dedicated suppliers and partners and all the expertise they've shared to help us get started. Special shout-out to our accountant Paul Gerard for his proficiency in setting up the business structure.

A very special call-out to Chander Rellan from, who so very kindly answered my cry for help in a Small Business Facebook Group and offered me a free consultation to define the business identity and especially our name. Boy, this man is not only kind but efficient, in under 10 minutes he poked around the right thinking and Endless Play Collective was baptised.

Various wooden toys and open-ended play addicts groups on Facebook, including DIY wooden toys where it all started, where like-minded mums hang around trying to navigate the crazy ride we're in and having as much fun as possible for the family along the way, sometimes taking pics of our producst that are so amazing we have to steal them (with their permission!) like we did with the talented Eryn from @story_ark.

Incredible fellow #MumsInBusiness, finding the time to #BuildEachOtherUp despite being sleep-deprived, time-poor, and caring full-time for mini human beings - darn, aren't we lucky - such as the wonderful Lauren from Little Earth Toys.

And last but not least, thanks to YOU for reading this page and validating our very existence right now :)


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