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A mum of 5 living in the picturesque countryside of Missouri, Jennifer started out as a tentative DIYer with a second-hand scroll saw in 2014 and rapidly fine-tuned her woodworking skills along with her husband Joe beyond all expectations!

Fast forward to today, she runs a thriving family business of high quality toys and learning resources, all made from the finest locally-sourced hardwood - no plywood, mdf, particle board, or other materials - such as maple and walnut, conditioned with pure and natural linseed oil highlighting the natural beauty of the wood, and freshly handmade to order.

Treasures From Jennifer have a worldwide reputation of unbeatble quality for a reason. You are absolutely guaranteed to fall in love with the consistently flawless craftmanship of each piece and will want to get back to school yourself - and that is more powerful than it seems. Wood is not the easiest material to work with and we have cut loose a number of products that weren't meeting our expectations, as we believe attractive, well-designed and thought-out educational resources nurture the innate drive of learning. If you've been paying attention, this is what Endless Play Collective is all about.