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Our sustainability commitment

We are committed to continuously work towards the best possible outcome from a sustainability standpoint, without passing on any of the costs to you and when possible actually passing on savings.

Running a business means repeating a lot of tasks and one simple choice can quickly spiral into a fully blown ecological disaster. that's thy while we believe sustainability is always important and a personal responsibility for each and every one, it's even more so for our business.

Also, wherever possible we aim for:

Imperfect packaging, prettier from within

We deliberately choose boxes and packing material as ecofriendly as possible, reuse material when possible, save whatever we can from landfills, and pack up your order with the minimum useless bells and whistles. As much as we'd love to from a branding perspective, there are more important things than being famous because you're pretty - sorry Kim KW ;) - like say... not destroying the planet and all living beings on your way.

That's not at all to say we don't want you to be wowed when you receive your order, we are just working as tirelessly as we can to improve our process and get the best of both worlds at every step. 

Naked transaction: nothing to show and nothing to hide

Whenever we can, we go paperless, work mostly online and give you as many options as possible to do the same to minimise our footprint. That's why we don't send a paper invoice unless specifically requested (you'll still get the digital version), invest in machines and software that minimise our use of paper, tape, ink and any harmful substances that can be needed to pack an order. Less is more.

Sustainable partnership #BuildEachOtherUp #NoPlanetB

We love partnering with brands and organisation that give back, and we don't miss an opportunity when possible to contribute directly and hope to do more in the future. To start with, we thoroughly investigate the products and brands we stock and focus on developing respectful, quality, long-lasting relationships with our suppliers because treating human beings right is just as important to a sustainable living as is preserving the environment.

We hope you see these initiatives a positive step, and we do appreciate feedback and suggestions at any time, so please feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have anything to share regarding this topic!


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