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Sarah's Silks Play Silk | Original Collection

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Many adults wonder what playsilks are for - children don't. A playroom essential for any age, the sumptuous look and feel of the material irresistibly draws you to pick it up and inspires to play

It's like a superpower to create or become anything - baby sensory play, peekaboo, dress-up, small world landscape, grass to feed your horse, soup to stir in a pot, gift wrapping... an endless creativity playground!

  • Strong, light as air, lustrous and naturally sustainable real silk and child-safe, eco-friendly dyes
  • Choose from a dazzling array of 17 vibrant colours
  • 89 x 89 cm
  • Designed in the USA and ethically handmade in China
  • Safety tested to the highest European and US standards

PAIR IT WITH: Handmade Wooden Play Clips

COLLECTIONS: Also available in Enchanted Collection - Earth Collection - Giant Collection

NOTE: Contains only 1 Original Playsilk in the colour of your choice


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