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Mader Spinning Top | Salto Totale

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The Mader Salto Totale from Endless Play Collective is a flipable spinning top and one of the most challenging tops from our range. Handmade in Austria from ash wood with a stem made of walnut. Challenge yourself by spinning it on one side and then using your fingers to flip it around on its handle. Are you a Mader Salto Totale champion?

  • 4.5 cm diameter
  • Handmade in Austria from maple wood and varnished
  • Difficulty Level: 6 of 6 (difficult)

PAIR IT WITH: Our Medium or Large Wooden Board for Spinning Tops and take the challenge to make it go for minutes!

SAFETY: 3 years and up. We always advise that toys be checked for damage or loose parts prior to play and recommend adult supervision during playtime