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Avdar Candy Blocks

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When cubes aren't enough and you need more creative shapes to shake up your architecture, our Avdar Candy Block Set (Small Castle) is your best friend

  • 23 pieces set
  • Handmade from precious Russian limewood, finished with German child-safe water-based wax colour

MODEL: Also available Avdar Big Block Set

NOTE: This listing includes one Candy Block Set only, other items displayed in the product photos are not included and/or sold separately

Our quality promise is at the core of all things Endless Play - not just from name brands, but even more so from materials and manufacturing processes - and with wooden toys everywhere, we thought we'd share a few secrets to the rare and superior play qualities we've selected this range for:

  • Rare and precious wood, lime wood - also known as lindenwood - is a child-safe, solid and and resistant hardwood yet very lightweight and presents a particular closer grain structure that allows for a smooth and safe finish (no splintering!) of even intricate details like our soft bevelled edges
  • Hand-sanded to perfection for a raw but silky-smooth finish, ideally grippy for gravity-defying stacking
  • Handcut from a single piece of wood for a perfect fit
  • A range of contemporary and joyful colour palettes to mix and match creatively or pefectly fit a particular nursery or playroom theme

SAFETY: 3 years and up. Always supervise play and check toys prior each play session.

1 Review

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    Awesome shapes and beautiful colours!

    Posted by Eryn Brumby on 8th Dec 2020

    This wonderful set is a great starting point for anyone starting their quality block journey, or even if you want to add some extra, very useful shapes! The set had a 4 x 4 base so is compatible with most block sets. The blocks are designed to line up perfectly with each other. Using the arch block, you can use the L shaped blocks beside and on top of it to create stairs wide enough to fit large peg people (I have Little Earth Toys friends). The colours are super lovely pastel tones. Advar is really grippy so builds well. The blocks are also really light, so perfect for little hands to play with. I enjoyed teaming it with both the Bauspiel Junior Triangles and the Mandala Triangles. This set will be well loved in my house-hold.


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