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Connetix Magnetic Tiles | Magnetic Ball Run

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The long awaited, ground-breaking magnetic ball run from all-time favourite Connetix has arrived!

Build gravity-defying creations and follow that ball go thanks to their amazing clear pipe designs. Surprisingly addictive for all ages, genders, and species (definitely a husband and cat favourite here!), this new exclusive ball run will test engineering skills, perseverance and patience altogether but boy is there anything quite like the utter satisfaction of the ball zooming through and clicketing its way down!? Not quite.

  • 92 pieces of various shapes, including some never-seen-before in magnetic ball runs special pieces
  • Food-grade ABS and BPA-free + strong riveted magnets for extra safety
  • Robust and scratch-resistant
  • Clear appearance for beautiful light reflections
  • Compatible with all other main magnetic tiles brands
  • Unique design from Australian family business

Each pack contains:

  • 6 x balls
    2 x bowls
    2 x long stairs
    8 x slides
    12 x 90 degree bends (corners)
    8 x U shapes
    8 x short straight pieces
    6 x long straight pieces
    2 x snake pieces (wavy one)
    2 x Y shaped pieces

SAFETY: 3 years and up

NB: This listing only includes 1 Connetix Ball Run set only, all other material on pictures are for display only and sold separately

PHOTO CREDIT: Connetix, @these_little_darlings, @x_macy_and_ollie_x