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While volunteering to help children learn maths, David B. Skaggs tried every tool he could to keep his young students engaged, as it was hard for them to get more abstracts concepts like numbers and their combinations. In his father's garage in Utah, he experimented cutting prototypes to make problems easier to break down and visualise

A year after, SumBlox was launched on Kickstarter, endorsed by mathematician and popular science writer Keith Devlin and an article in Forbe’s magazine by Jordan Shapiro. From then SumBlox has grown as a family business, and is now sold around the World

Sumblox are made from solid beech wood, and the team is committed to provide a more sustainable future by transitioning to solely sourcing FSC wood and partnering with to have One Tree Planted for each and every starter and basic set of SumBlox sold, and two trees for every Educational Set