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Endless Rewards

We will never get tired of thanking you for nurturing the Endless Play Collective community and our Loyalty Program is our latest nod to that!

How does Endless Rewards work?

Create an Endless Play Collective store account and start collecting Reasons to Play (our points) with each purchase and a range of actions when you use the store account.

  • 1 Reason to Play per $1 spent on each purchase
  • FREE Reasons to Play when you:
    • create your account,
    • like and follow our social media accounts,
    • submit product reviews on our website for products you've purchased or
    • submit a store review on Google (up to 5 reviews per months, reviews must be verified purchases)
  • Instant cash reward for you and your friend when you refer a friend
  • Reasons to Play can be redeemed on a range of dollar coupons off purchases whenever you want

Terms of Service

  • All values are in AUD unless stated otherwise
  • Reasons to Play from separate accounts cannot be merged, are not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Reasons to Play can only be redeemed off the product purchase price and it excludes taxes, shipping, and non monetary payment such as (but not limited to) gift vouchers, coupon codes, freebies or contest prizes.
  • Reasons to Play will expire 365 days from earning date if no activity (earning or redeeming) is recorded in these 365 days.
  • Rewards can be redeemed at any time provided the criteria for redemption are met, and will generally expire 6 months from the date they're redeemed if not used within this period (or unless stated otherwise)